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Basic information

This integration will allow you to create and update articles with their specific details towards Autotask. A very helpful tool to make sure you only need to maintain an article database in one solution, in this case weclapp.

We are using either the article type or the article group to distinguish between products and services. Matching products between the 2 solutions is done based on the weclapp article code and the Autotask internal product id.

To match services we had to use the service name (which is unique in Autotask). Categories are maintained and have to exist on both solutions with the same name.

Failure to configure this accordingly will yield an exception log for that particular article. After every transfer a log can be viewed on our platform or via mail. This log will show you the articles that were created/updated and/or the ones that failed (including the reason why).

demo video

Do you still have some questions? Please feel free to drop us an email or contact us by phone!

Interesting facts

  • One flat monthly fee despite the number of articles created/updated in Autotask
  • Saves time as it is no longer needed to maintain articles in 2 solutions
  • Every important detail of an article in weclapp will be transferred to Autotask
  • Not only products but also services can be transferred from weclapp to Autotask
Set-up guides

The following manuals are relevant for the set-up and use of this specific integration:

  • Autotask application login
  • weclapp application login
  • weclapp to Autotask article sync link creation & coordination

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this integration can be cancelled on a monthly basis

Yes, on the ApplicationLink platform you can review the log file of every transfer. This log file can also be send to a pre-assigned email address in the link settings

By clicking on the play button manually on the ApplicationLink platform or by setting up the scheduler in the link settings for an automated transfer

Our goal is to have a direct debit signed so that we can collect the monthly subscription fee up front

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