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We are ApplicationLink. Our advanced platform and integrations enable MSPs to work smarter, faster and more accurate. We eliminate mind-numbing administrative tasks and add value to your business. Our goal? Maximize your profit, minimize manual labor. We believe integrations should always be more than simply connecting one application to the other. We want to improve the MSP ecosystem and help you to optimize workflows.

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integrations divided by topic

PSA Toolbox Bulk updates

Examples of bulk actions:
    • Extend contract end date
    • Add services on contracts
    • Terminate services on contracts
    • Swap services on contracts
    • Add service to existing service on contracts
    • Update service unit cost/price on contracts
Key benefits for MSPs:
    • Save valuable time
    • Low pay-per-user pricing model
    • Easy to use
    • Worldwide accessible
    • Reduce administrative headaches
    • Elevate your PSA to a new level
    • Pay-per-use, no subscription!
    • Base fee: € 0,50
    • Fee per change: € 0,25
    • Prepaid vouchers available


What our partners say

Peter Roybal - ZIX (an opentext company)

“ApplicationLink goes beyond PSA integration. They enable MSPs to optimize their workflow with intelligent, reliable integrations. That is why they are the ideal integration partner for us. They are able to significantly accelerate the speed at which we can offer new integrations and our customers are very satisfied. Good integrations are essential for our core business. ApplicationLink enables us to improve the experience for our partners.”

Ted Brown - NTIVA

“As MSP we have a strong growth strategy. One of our challenges is integration. Our vendor advised us to work with ApplicationLink’s integrations, because we are ConnectWise users. As we are always looking to automate processes and work smarter and more efficient, we are very satisfied with ApplicationLink. They basically help us reach our goals with smart, reliable integrations. As a plus they are really cool guys to work with. I would definitely recommend them.”

Diederik Twickler - Campai

“ApplicationLink is a very pleasant party to work with. They provide excellent support and work with short lines of communication. You can also spar with them about ideas for integrations and innovations. And the value they deliver is tremendous when you consider how much time and money it saves us. The pricing is comparable to other platforms MSPs use, and ApplicationLink absolutely delivers the value.”

Mary-Ann Berger - UNO

“PSA Toolbox, finally a tool that can, among other things, adjust the end date of contracts in Autotask in bulk! A user-friendly and easy to navigate solution”.

Berry van Bree - Analyst ICT

“We have been able to retroactively adjust and invoice all our services through the PSA Toolbox. Increasing the sales prices of contract services by a percentage is also a super feature. Saved us a lot of time. Keep up the good work!”

Nick Betgem - Office IT

“Every year we have contract services that need to be replaced and/or conditions (for example unit costs and prices) that need to be updated. Normally it is a time-consuming job, but thanks to the PSA Toolbox I am now done in fifteen minutes. Nice addition to Autotask!”

Arno Hendrix - IT Connectie

We zijn er tijdens de implementatie van de andere systemen achter gekomen hoe geweldig en probleemloos de integraties van ApplicationLink werken. Ook bij wijzigingen in onze omgeving stonden de technici van ApplicationLink snel klaar en voegden ze extra functionaliteit toe geheel naar onze wensen & eisen.

Mandy Moujalli - HD IT

"PSA Toolbox saved me from hours of setting new pricing across hundreds of services in our client’s contracts. The process was seamless, and the support team are brilliant. I don’t know how I would have managed the task without this application. It is amazing!"

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