about us

about us

ApplicationLink was founded in 2015 by three very experienced and passionate entrepreneurs. Now working from 2 locations in the Netherlands (Schiedam and Breda) and providing solutions to partners across the world. Our advanced platform and integrations enable MSPs to work smarter, faster and more accurately. We eliminate mind-numbing administrative tasks and add value to your business. Our goal? Maximize your profit, minimize manual labor.

We believe integrations should always be more than simply connecting one application to the other. We want to improve the MSP ecosystem and help you optimize workflows. We maintain close relations with our customers and partners—cloud Platforms and vendors—ensuring a deep knowledge of your needs and wishes. So, we always develop and improve integrations to give you a leading edge in process automation.

At the moment (June 2024), we have developed 85 integrations with Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya BMS, Exact Online, and Xero (and many more), which can be categorized as accounting, cloud marketplace, and data warehouse. Is your desired solution not in our current list of integrations? Are you looking for a custom-made integration? Don’t hesitate to reach out so that we can discuss your specific needs.

ApplicationLink, Think Beyond Borders.


beyond integration

At ApplicationLink, we believe that integrations should always add more value than the sum of its parts; they should improve workflows and make your whole process smarter. During development, we focus on intelligence and reliability. ApplicationLink offers more than 85 state-of-the-art integrations worldwide, with a never-ending desire to expand. Our integrations make your day-to-day work simpler, guarantee data accuracy, help you save time and reduce costs. Our dedicated support team is always ready to help you, and with our broad knowledge and experience in IT, finance and cloud services, we understand the market and your individual needs.

beyond Automation

Process automation is the fast lane to save time and money for any MSP. Valuable time you can spend on your core-business. How? ApplicationLink helps MSPs all over the world automating their processes by creating intelligent integrations that improve back-office efficiency, even in complex environments. Data is secure and synchronized accurately, providing you real-time insights into your critical business information. Working with ApplicationLink will enable you to make the right decisions, all the time.

beyond Optimization

ApplicationLink originated from an MSP requiring leading-edge integrations to work smarter and faster. Propelled by an enormous drive, focus and dedication we continuously develop and optimize our integrations by listening carefully to our customers and partners. Always ready to dive into a new adventure, while of course running a tight ship. We want to improve the MSP ecosystem, add value to your business and develop top-notch integrations, by thinking beyond borders.

What we can offer you


Is ApplicationLink not working as expected? Let us know so we can find a solution together!


A very interesting price plan to make your choice to automate through ApplicationLink an easy decision


ApplicationLink can be customized at your request to meet the specific needs of your business


A professional team which is extremely dedicated and motivated to develop and support the desired solutions

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