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Basic information

The monthly invoices from intY Cascade contain all recurring services and charges, in other words all services purchased in the previous period. The integration between intY Cascade and Autotask allows the user to:

  • Load these invoices;
  • Reconcile these invoices semi-automated to their Autotask environment;
  • Process quantity changes/service creations/terminations fully automated (option) to their Autotask environment.

How exactly does this work?

  • Automatic download of intY Cascade invoices;
  • One-time mapping of an Autotask company, contract and service;
  • Mappings will be saved, so that you can continue immediately the next time you use the integration and to support the auto-processing option;
  • Non existing Autotask contracts and services can be created on-the-fly from within our platform;
  • Validation of the invoices against Autotask contracts and services;

Post quantity changes/service creations/terminations and charges directly into Autotask through the reconciliation and/or the auto-processing option.

  • Processing a vendor invoice has never been so easy
  • Save hours of your valuable time

demo video

Do you still have some questions? Please feel free to drop us an email or contact us by phone!

Interesting facts

  • Making manual changes in Autotask on contractservices belongs to the past
  • Get a clear overview of every service you are buying in the Cloud Marketplace
  • Automatic comparison with the corresponding data in Autotask
  • Optimize your profit from cloud services
Set-up guides

The following manuals are relevant for the set-up and use of this specific integration:

  • Autotask application login
  • intY Cascade application login
  • Link set-up & how to use

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this integration can be cancelled on a monthly basis

This solution can only be ordered in the intY Cascade Cloud Marketplace

Only if you choose it to be. The reconciliation part is semi automated. You have the absolute freedom to post changes to Autotask or not.

No, although this is absolutely on our roadmap to be added in the future

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