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Basic information

This import tool allows the user to upload a batch of charges using an Excel template provided by ApplicationLink.

After uploading the Excel in our platform, the user needs to link Autotask customers and contracts before being able to quickly post all charges to the correct contracts in Autotask.

Links created are saved, so a new import virtually doesn’t require any effort.

As a result, this tool is ideal to import customer related charges, such as VoIP usage charges, data charges, domain registrations, etc. quickly and without any effort into Autotask.

demo video

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Interesting facts

  • Making manual changes in Autotask on contractcharges belongs to the past
  • Get a clear overview of every one-off or usage based product/service you are buying from a supplier
  • Very easy to post as charges on an Autotask contract
  • Create multiple links to process as many vendor invoices as you would like
Set-up guides

The following manuals are relevant for the set-up and use of this specific integration:

  • Autotask application login
  • GCI set-up guide

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this integration can be cancelled on a monthly basis

This solution can be orderd by simply sending an email to

No, it is semi automated. You have the absolute freedom to post charges to Autotask or not.

By adding this information to our pre-designed Excel template

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