Datawarehouse solution
with Autotask


Connecting applications through sophisticated middleware that’s easy to use.


Save time, simplify your work and eliminate manual mistakes by process automation.


Increase efficiency, use valuable time differently and maximize your profit.

Basic information

Is reporting crucial to your business operations but are you currently unable to obtain the necessary information from Autotask?

With the Datawarehouse solution from ApplicationLink you get access to this important information, it’s stored for you in an SQL database (*) and you can then easily import this data into existing reporting solutions such as PowerBI (+).

More than 100 entities can be exported from Autotask and here are some examples of datasets:
Account, Contract, Product, Inventory, Invoice, Pricelist, Project, Quote, Service, Ticket and Worktype.

(*) The data is, according to the current AVG guidelines, not stored on our servers. This automatically means that you, as a customer, manage the SQL database on premise or in the cloud.

(+) Our Power BI consultants can help you to create new and/or optimize existing reports/dashboards. For more information, please contact us.

demo video

Do you still have some questions? Please feel free to drop us an email or contact us by phone!

Interesting facts

  • Our solution will collect all the Autotask entities you need for extensive reporting
  • You are in full control of the entities you would like to collect, sync and/or replace in your MS SQL database
  • Transferring data to your MS SQL database is done by just one click of the mouse button
  • Create multiple links for specific datasets
Set-up guides

The following manuals are relevant for the set-up and use of this specific integration:

  • Autotask application login
  • MS SQL Server application login
  • Autotask datawarehouse solution – link set-up & get started

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this integration can be cancelled on a monthly basis

Yes, on the ApplicationLink platform you can review the log file of every transfer. This log file can also be send to a pre-assigned email address in the link settings

By clicking on the play button manually on the ApplicationLink platform or by setting up the scheduler in the link settings for an automated transfer

Our goal is to have a direct debit signed so that we can collect the monthly subscription fee up front.

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