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Basic information

As an addition to the invoice integration between Autotask & Exact Online we have developed the “Date Paid” integration.

Through this separate solution, it is possible to add a date to an invoice in Autotask as an indication that this invoice no longer has the unpaid status in Exact Online, so has actually been completely paid by the customer.

The date added to the Autotask invoice is not the actual date of payment but the date the integration recognizes the invoice is no longer unpaid.

This makes it possible for employees, who normally do not have access to Exact Online, to quickly and easily see in Autotask which invoices have not yet been paid.

  • You can excute this link manually or fully automated (scheduled)
  • After every transfer a log can be viewed on our platform or via mail.

demo video

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Interesting facts

  • One flat monthly fee despite the number of invoices checked in Exact Online and marked in Autotask as paid
  • Drastically cuts down time involved between colleagues to share payment information
  • Autotask users no longer need to have access to Exact Online to check if a customer has outstanding invoices
Set-up guides

The following manuals are relevant for the set-up and use of this specific integration:

  • Autotask application login
  • Exact Online application login
  • Exact Online to Autotask Date Paid link creation

Frequently Asked Questions

No, this integration can be cancelled on a monthly basis

Yes, on the ApplicationLink platform you can review the log file of every transfer. This log file can also be send to a pre-assigned email address in the link settings

By clicking on the play button manually on the ApplicationLink platform or by setting up the scheduler in the link settings for an automated transfer

Our goal is to have a direct debit signed so that we can collect the monthly subscription fee up front

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